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    miRi, a distinguished online home furnishings store in the Netherlands, aimed to enhance its online presence by transitioning from a third-party platform to a dedicated Shopify eCommerce store. Partnering with Shopify Galaxy, a versatile IT company specializing in web and eCommerce design, miRi embarked on a comprehensive journey to rebrand, rebuild, and optimize its digital storefront.

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    The Farmer Foodie

    The Farmer Foodie, a distinguished brand specializing in sustainable dairy and gluten-free Cashew Parm products, collaborated with Shopify Galaxy to revitalize its eCommerce store. The primary objective was to optimize the website’s appearance, usability, and functionality to provide an enriched user experience. Challenges encompassed site audit and navigation, brand consistency, product listings, interaction with farmers markets, blog enrichment, and mobile optimization to cater to the growing mobile audience.

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    Beyond Skate

    Beyond Skate, a prominent Australian skate shop with a thriving online presence, sought to enhance its eCommerce store with Shopify Galaxy’s expertise. Challenges encompassed upgrading the store from Shopify 1.0 to 2.0, addressing theme compatibility issues, and integrating apps to streamline operations, including calendar bookings for skate lessons and clinics, inventory display solutions, and search and discovery functionalities.

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